May the Journey Begin

Some 2 months ago I decided to start the initial recording of Darker Shadows, a new adventure I was writing based on a novella I wanted to publish and figured it could be fun to play with my friends as the protagonists were inspired by them. After completing more work on the outline and prepping for the session 0 it struck me that we could do something truly unique.

I wanted to run a game that felt as close to the setting in which the characters found themselves in the book and at the same time wanted the plot and hooks to evolve with the decisions made by the players. Ambitious would be an understatement but once I started I had no choice but to see it through. As of this post we have had 7 sessions and are banking as much footage as we can get on a hard drive but like any first time venture we too suffered from a slew of technical difficulties and scheduling problems but we stayed the course.

During this time I had lost a dear friend and a job that would have relocated my brother and I to the West Coast of America and solved many of our financial problems. At this same time I would break up with my girlfriend of 5 years and learn that my father was battling bladder cancer which took its tole on me emotionally. What also took a tole was spending 5 years in a country which openly discriminates against Slavs but that is not what this post is about but the emotional baggage and pain had reached a tipping point.

Going into the summer I had to call for a temporary break from recording and take some time off so I could deliver content I could be proud of and to avoid my players and friends from getting bored or burning out. Now we have agreed for a big 8 hour session in which we plan to get through all the scenarios and events I have planned thus far. I am eager to see my friends around the table again in the slightly upgraded studio. Avalon Studio will serve as our primary location for in person play and recording which is located in Kungsbacka, Sweden.

I look forward to uploading the Setting Guide and Viewers Reference Document when the first episode goes online and am keen to read any questions or feedback, just be sure to follow the contact instructions on the Nerd Dimension site prior to reaching out. Thank you



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