The Show

Adventure Cast – Darkest Shadows is a hybrid show which is party actual play paired with semi-scripted scenes. The show is a weekly session of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 with certain modifications and rules set changes set in a dark and grim fantasy setting that is an alternate Earth known as Ardan in which a cosmic even altered the course of man.

The show is hosted by Mykal Grymm and features his friends as supporting cast. Mykal came up with the idea while outlining his upcoming and debut novella and wanted to experiment with having his friends play through his settings using characters inspired by them. It sounded like fun and after watching other similar shows he realized that he wanted to do something different where the audience and players help weave the narrative and final product and invites all to participate in the creative process unlike any other author before him.

The Party – Brothers of the Blue Keep

Erik (Bhakar) : the jovial ginger who is no stranger to doing voice and is the lovable barbarian

Dimples (Olaf the Druid): the kind heart punk rocking creative who players the face and does his best to keep the party out of the stockades and hangmans noose

Appollo: The extraordinaire of empathy and tactician of the group and twin brother to Mykal whose in game antics would drive a paladin to curse the stars

Nick (Quinten): The novice player but veteran fantasy fan was thrown into the deep end but always manages to keep his head and hair above the water

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